Dance With a Difference

Dance with a Difference was founded to allow people with disabilities the chance to learn and explore dance. Dance with a difference incorporates dance, music and social to be an all-round benefit to everyone. It stimulates mind and body to lift people’s mood and assist weight loss. We have seen these benefits in reality especially from our dancers with Prader-Willi. These dancers have lost extra weight through dancing because they do not realise they are exercising, they are just having fun!

Dance with A difference aims to give people with learning disabilities the chance to explore something that we take for granted, something they thought they would never be able to participate in and make sure that they have fun doing. But also gives them the chance to socialise and meet people to make new friends.

So come along and take part and show the world that these amazing people can do anything!

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Dance with a Difference - Mondays

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Dance with a Difference - Thursdays

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Tap Classes

Tap uses movement which is the fundamental mode of human expression. It enables participants to enjoy physical expression as well as develop intellectual sensibilities. It helps to improve the shaping of movement, improves balance and strength and also improves eye – foot co-ordination. This is all happening without the dancer knowing as they are having …

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Wheelchair dance

Wheelchair Dancing

Every Wednesday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm we are holding a dance lesson for people in wheelcahirs. This is a brilliant opportunity for you guys that use a wheelchair to work with us to tailor make dance which show your full potential. Hope to see you soon.

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